Certified Partner

To provide you the highest level of professional services and trainings we are in a continuous process of enhancing our skills in the area of MobileCloud and Perfecto Mobile services.  After examination by our partner Perfecto we reached 

  • the Grand Master Certification, for Continuous Integration (CI) projects Logo of Grand Master certification level







  • the Academy Certification, covering all types of trainings and Logo Academy Partner





  • the Solution Expert level, covering all kinds of professional services types.Logo Solution Expert




  • the MobileCloud Performance Testing level, covering network conditions, the influence of mobile networks and the load impact on the mobile user experience


QUALIGON is the first company in Europe which reached this level of expertise, covering:

  • Continuous Integration implementatons
  • Professional Services for the MobileCloud
  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and Selenium Trainings
  • MobileCloud Automation Trainings