Our installations and solutions benefit from the high localisation accuracy of up to 10cm we can provide to your scenario. This is the basis for the value-added-services we offer. All use-cases gain from our advance localisation intelligence. QUALIGON helps you to realise your benefit of indoor localisation in a variaty of use-cases like:


Industrial Environments

Industry icon

  • Lone worker protection
  • High accuracy position analytics
  • Monitoring of employees in hazardous or ATEX areas
  • Security triggered navigation
  • Safety and mobile worker systems in hazardous areas


Logistics environment

  • Asset Tracking and tracing of goods
  • Asset analytics
  • Routing optimisations
  • Temporary systems for KPI generation





Shopping Centers and Retail Stores

Shopping center hall

  • Managed Services for WiFi and Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideban installations
  • Dwell time calculations and visualisations
  • High performance analytics of customer data
  • Location based marketing services
  • Performance analysis forecasts



Museum with navigation path

  • Self-positioning of mobile devices
  • Guidance and information systems





Airports / Railway Stations

Airport hall

  • Visitor and employee guidance
  • Tracking and tracing of goods





Office Buildings

Office Environment

  • Geo-fencing
  • Employee and visitor guidance






Healthcare environment

  • Facility management
  • Navigation
  • Object localisation
  • Hygiene services
  • Localisation services
  • Geo-fencing for elderly and disabled persons