APHIS - Supports you with Temperature Analysis


Global pandemics such as Covid-19 threaten us and our complex economic systems. Secure your access areas with this innovative and autonomous thermal analysis system.

APHIS detects thermal anomalies of the skin and gives a visual and acoustic signal to identify persons at risk for a separate analysis.


APHIS is an innovative thermal analysis system based on hardware and software components developed for industrial deployment and can be used in 24/7 operation. The analysis algorithm uses the information from the industrial thermal camera, correlates it with the ambient temperature and learns from its last historic measurements in order to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy, Statistically irrelevant or unrealistic measured values are eliminated by intelligent software, to minimise any data corruption occurs effects. APHIS can operate autonomously as well as in communication with access control systems.


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  • Temperature measurement in indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Takes the ambient .temperature into account
  • Automatic monitoring of the skin surface temperature of several people simultaneously.
  • Housing surfaces specially designed for healthcare and other sensitive areas, such as food processing.
  • Autonomous operation. An observation on a monitor is not necessary, but can be used.
  • Remote maintenance module with LTE/WLAN access possible.