Our QSEQ system performs segmentation of customers by analyzing video data. The integrated computer unit uses artificial intelligence to perform the assessment. During the analysis, the system determines the parameters for gender, age range and various emotions. 

QSEQ can categorize individuals as well as groups entering the analysis area. QSEQ is also a component of our QUSTOMER360 system.

AI Cam

Cloud Business Intelligence




The system consists of an optical sensor and an embedded device that performs the analysis of the persons using artificial intelligence methods. This evaluation is purely on-premise. 

In the next step the meta data of the analysis – without the associated image – is uploaded to our cloud system. Here the results are available for business intelligence evaluations within a self-service GUI.

If you need to access the data via your systems or combine it with other data sources, we can also implement the integration. and carry out interface adaptations.


After uploading the data to our cloud system, the recorded parameters are ready for analysis.

The evaluation of the current but also the historicized data is done in an integrated self-service business intelligence tool.

If desired, the data can be combined with other information. An export functionality is also obtained.

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The QSEQ system evaluates the images recorded and creates the different parameter. All images used are dropped  and not stored in the system. There is also no recognition system included. This means that a GDPR-compliant use is completely problem-free.


You can use QSEQ in different constellations. Either in stationary installations or also for temporary scenarios. You can get the complete system as managed service by QUALIGON.