QUALIGON offers tailored high-accuracy indoor and outdoor localisation systems and professional services for effective business intelligence in industry, retail and healthcare. We support you in realising complete localisation solutions with location based analytics. It is our goal to offer high accuracy localisation and and business intelligence services. With this you can gain the maximum of the collected data using our advanced cloud-based localisation intelligence systems. Rely on our system expertise for the selection of GPS, Bluetooth, RFID and Ultra-Wideband systems.


We offer multi technology and multivendor system often also in combination to gain the maximum results with the best return-on-invest rates. The technologies are selected based on your requirements. QUALIGON supports you with professional services during the analysis, deployment and services phases.


Business intelligence or as we call it Location Intelligence is the main factor driving the return-on-invest of indoor localisation projects. QUALIGON offers sophisticated and scalable on premise or cloud-based business intelligence solutions for the analysis of customer movements in the scenarios. The analytics is enriched with additional information suitable for the different usecases, like retail, industry or healthcare.

QUALIGON is using high-performance in-memory systems from EXASOL and other cloud-based and on-premise systems to power demanding analytics scenarios.


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QUALIGON offers turnkey projects for WiFi, Bluetooth LE (BLE) and ultra-wideband localisation systems. Our experts select the appropriate technology for your localisation scenario taking into account the different requirements and boundary conditions. Rely on our expertise, as many other customers do!

Project Management

Realisation of worldwide turnkey localisation projects with our experts.


Analysis, selection and planning of localisation solutions according to your specific requirements.


Development of apps and web-applications in combination with localisation solutions.

Quality Management

Ensuring system functionality of systems and equipment even in 24/7 situations.

System Integration

Selection of the system components required for your specific scenario, integration and interface adaptation.


QUALIGON operates and maintains complete indoor localization environments for you as a managed service.

Location Based Services

Implementation of location-based services for security and emergency applications, geofencing and geomarketing, and process controls.

Business Intelligence

Advanced visualisation, analytics and predictive analytics for on-premise and cloud based scenarios.