Welcome to the Matrix SIM Switchbox (MSSB) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Here, we have compiled answers to the most common inquiries about our innovative Matrix SIM Switchbox. Whether you’re new to the MSSB or a seasoned user, this resource will provide you with valuable insights and help you make the most of this powerful SIM management solution. Explore the comprehensive list of frequently asked questions below to find information about features, compatibility, installation, troubleshooting, and more. We are here to address your queries and ensure a seamless experience with the Matrix SIM Switchbox (MSSB).

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Yes, MSSB can switch Android and iOS devices in any combination. They can be attached to any out the output connectors. 

Depending on the selected MSSB you can switch up to 32 SIM cards with one MSSB module. Our MSSY systems can handle up to 160 SIM cards.

Yes, the MSSB supports also dual SIM phones. 

There exist 4 directions of the SIM cards in the trays of the mobile devices. We support all these types with our specific sim adapters.

You can integrate the MSSB easily in you environment. Just connect the MSSB to your LAN network and control the MSSB via the REST API or the manual GUI.

This depends how you use the system. The REST API is perfect if you use automated testing tools of if you “program” your tests. In these cases it is very convenient to use the REST commands,

The manual switching via the GUI is fast and ergonomic showing directly the select SIM device combination. 

We offer the versions 8×4, 16×2 and 32×1 for desktop and rack usage. The first number defines the number of SIM cards that can be attached, the second number defines the number of mobiles that can be connected.

Our desktop housing contains one MSSB. SIM cards are easily accessible via the top of the housing. This version is mostly use in remote testing scenarios. The rack housing with 19” width can contain up to 3 MSSB. SIM cards are easily accessible via the drawer. This version is mostly use in lab environments.
Yes, you can use the MSSB also in combination with shielded boxes. We support use-cases in which the MSSB is outside the shielded box with the mobile devices inside the box and also use-cases where MSSB and the devices are both inside.
You can set the IP address of the MSSB according to your needs in the configuration menu.
We deliver the MSSB with the standard IP:
This is often linked to the fact that the IP of new devices needs to be whitelisted from the IT department to be usable. Otherwise it is not visible.